ZIRAN: The Ethical Sustainable Silk Fashion Brand

sustainable ethical silk bomber jackets spring 2017Ziran is an emerging ethical label that uses luxury, yet sustainable, silks for women who embody the meaning of Ziran: natural, spontaneous, and free. Created by Kelly Wang Shanahan in June 2016, this high-end brand uses silk that is called “xiang yun sha” (it literally translates to “perfumed cloud clothing”). It’s been handmade for 500 years in one small town in China, and Ziran is the first and only company to use it in the United States. The ethical silk is all-natural, wrinkle-resistant (which is great for travel – you can wear it straight out of your suitcase!), and feels incredibly soft and buttery. ZIRANThe eco-friendly, traditional process of making it includes using iron-rich mud from the Pearl river, vegetable dyes, and a long bake under the hot summer sun. No harsh chemicals are used. All ingredients are natural, and the process is completely sustainable, from beginning to end. The process is labor-intensive and requires time, patience, skill, and the perfect combination of natural elements- all qualities which have largely been forgotten in conventional fabric manufacturing. Being a slow, small business, owner Kelly Shanahan was able to oversee and photograph the entire process, which you can see more on the site here – proving how ethical and slow the tradition actually is.
ethical silk overalls ziran
Zirans aesthetic blends high-fashion with ready-to-wear designs seamlessly. Shanahan has a fashion-forward design eye but still successfully stays on top of the latest trends with the varying styles of floral and leopard print overalls, bomber jackets, crop tops and more. This beautiful, sustainable fashion line champions the slow fashion movement and is ready to be a standout brand on the frontlines of the fashion revolution. Ziran’s silk is an emblem of cultural heritage and proudly made in China.
ethical silk fashion ziran
Ziran has a new studio space in downtown Los Angeles. All are welcome to come hang out, shop, and get some custom pieces made! Make your personal appointment now by contacting: info@theziran.com
Learn more, check out the LookBook, or add something to your sustainable wardrobe here: theziran.com
Watch owner/designer Kelly at work on instagram by following @theziran
**Before you shop, make sure you get your exclusive 20% off everything discount code here – or use our promo code “StyleMeSustainable” at checkout on theZiran.com **

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