Top 5 Natural Deodorants that Actually Work

schmidts natural deodorantSchmidts Natural Deodorant

This long-lasting pit-stick and also sustainable glass jar option (which is the one I use, even if it is a little harder to apply) is my all time favorite! Use the Exclusive Discount Code STYLEME17 in the Schmidts Shop for 15% off if you’d like to try it for yourself! I’ve used many “natural” deodorants in the past and nothing beats the stink quite like Schmidts does. Its smooth, award-winning formula kept me dry for 4+ hours and left me smelling great the entire time! They also have a Sensitive Skin Formula, with the main ingredient being Magnesium, for those who may react to Baking Soda or other ingredients commonly found in over-the-counter deodorants. // $10 for 3.5oz // SHOP IT! {Use STYLEME17 for 15% off}

SamsDeodorantSAM Natural Deodorant

For a long-lasting aluminum free alternative, SAM would definitely be my runner-up. All of their ingredients are verified odor-blockers and it lasts almost as long as Schmidts did! The  rounded stick makes it easy to apply and the texture helps it to go on smoothly. The scent is faint and not too overpowering, so it’s a good pick if you’re also sensitive to strong fragrances. // $9.95 for 3oz // SHOP IT!

primal pit pastePrimal Pit Paste

This pit paste will keep you odorless for hours and also comes in 100% recyclable glass jars and sticks, if you’re used to that type of application. The jasmine scent smelled extremely fresh and the application went on pretty easy with the pasty formula. The best part is you can choose from 3 levels of smell-combatting strengths depending on how you perspire. Unfortunately, it’s smaller than most jars. // $8.95 for 2oz. // SHOP IT!

c&co natural deodorantC&Co

Top-rated on EWG’s Skin Deep and it comes in a great eco-friendly container. It is certified organic and aluminum free and you will love the rest of the natural ingredients found here. Just as you would with the schmidts tub, you scoop a small amount of the balm out of the container and rub on dry pits just as you would lotion on the skin. I stayed dry and scent-free for a good 3+ hours. It’s a little harder to apply and changes consistency depending on the temperature. // $15.00 for 6oz. // SHOP IT!

bali secretsBali Secrets Natural Deodorant

Bali Secrets wasn’t the easiest to come across (I guess that’s the secret), but I found it while doing an extensive search and saw that it was receiving so many amazing reviews from users! I decided to try it myself and was pleasantly surprised. Although the container is the least environmentally-friendly (so much plastic!) the roll-on design makes it the easiest to apply with its liquid-consistency. It was refreshing to put on and lasted about 3+ hours. // $13.99 for 2.4oz // SHOP IT!

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