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Did you know that up to 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your body? If you’re still using those disgustingly harmful, chemical-laden cosmetics, I think it’s time for you to try some healthy alternatives! LUK Beautifood is a natural makeup company whose mission (which I fully support) is to provide food-based beauty products to people who want a safe, clean and beautiful glow! Nourish your body with their delicious collections that include colorfully tasty lip tints, glosses, blush, eyeshadows, and cover-up.
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My personally selected Lip Nourish arrived in a soft and colorful eco-friendly fabric wrap – it’s apparent they care about their presentation! I unwrapped the food-based lipstick like a tasty morsel with the knowledge that it’s made from a healthy edible recipe. I was so excited! Once the cap was off I turned the base of the stick the warm-colored mandarin and cinnamon infused lipstick emerged which was picked to compliment my natural colors and skin tone. I absolutely loved the feel of it on my lips, since it’s meant to be a cross between lip balm and lipstick, and the color was a faint hue which made my lips glow! It not only felt and looked natural, but it tasted great too! It was creme-soft from avocado oil and cocoa butter and helped hydrate my lips all day.
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Founder Cindy Luken is a food scientist inspired by healthy living and concerned about what products her and her family use on a daily basis. As a firm believer of healthy nutritional practices, Cindy realized that you should nourish your entire body by not only eating well but applying healthy products to your super absorbent skin. This is where their term “skin food” was coined – it’s the definition for all their non-toxic makeup and products. Made from food and 100% free of harmful synthetic colors & fragrances, artificial flavors, chemical preservatives, synthetic emollients, phthalates, carmines, toxins and is ultimately cruelty free. Food can do more for our natural beauty than any expensive serums or botox will ever do, when used in combination – each product is a combination of ingredients that you actually know and can understand. Luk Beautifood mixes all the super foods that should be found in your diet and puts it into their creative concoctions for your health, and it definitely looks fantastic! Check out their site and shop all the best 100% pure cosmetics.
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