Fashion Made With Love in Italy

made in italy, sustainable fashion, stylemesustainable, style me sustainable, fashion, italian, designers, quality, eco, greenItaly is home to the world’s most famous fashion designers and labels. From Gucci and Versace, to Fendi and Dolce & Gabbana, the country has turned out (and continues to turn out) top quality talent and designs which have a worldwide appeal. Italian style is rightly celebrated as being unique among competitors with its unmistakable elegance, excellent tailoring, exquisite fabrics, and unmatched creativity and innovation.

giorgini_slideshow3Today, Italians still take pride in the term “Made in Italy,” bringing notoriety to even small brands that are made locally with local materials. The “0-Kilometers” (km 0) term emphasizes the importance of the entire process of design, production, manufacturing and delivery being local – thus, more sustainable.

18iz9tp77espsjpgItalian brands have always offered plenty of choices in fashion and accessories, leading to even more global fame and success. They have always set the trends for the international fashion scene and continue to do so. Italy is the place where fashion trends are started, innovations encouraged and names made. And thanks to the talent of its fashion designers, it seems set to continue on this stellar path for many decades to come.

141551408Here’s a list of classic Italian designers who made history, and ridiculously fabulous clothes:

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