Ella Stein: The Ethical Fine Jewelry Choice

I love my new Ella Stein piece and am so happy that they are changing the fine jewelry business for the better. Diamonds have a controversial history, as many of us know, and I have always made it a point to stay away from some of the bigger companies whose practices aren’t as transparent as many of us would hope.
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Ella Stein is a fine jewelry and diamond company that is fully transparent, creating ethically-sourced, gorgeous pieces at reasonable prices. Plus, they use up to 95% of the mined stone, when most companies only use 40-45%, ensuring that their process is sustainable.

Their jewelry is made-to-order by independent artisans and entrepreneurs who handcraft each piece at their state-of-the-art factory. The dedicated team is composed of talented women working to uplift themselves and provide for their families. I got to see who made my piece when my jewelry arrived with a sweet little card and signature from my personal artisan! It feels great to know who made your jewelry as well as your clothes. Sometimes we forget the accessories have a maker, too!
Ella Stein provides their entire workforce with fair living wages and retirement benefits, medical and life insurance, 6-months maternity leave, and 4 weeks paid vacation. That’s better than a lot of people get here in the states! 
From their workforce, to their finished products, they are sustainably and ethically stylish, and that is why I completely support their brand and mission. If you’re looking for a perfect, classy jewelry piece that really makes a statement, I highly recommend checking out Ella Stein! It’s the perfect holiday gift as well – you can see their full collection for yourself here.
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