Be Herd with Elephantasia’s NO VOICE COLLECTIVE

006“Elephants and fashion don’t normally go hand-in-hand, but Elephantasia brought them together seamlessly for a beautiful evening of conversation awareness. Wrapping up Eco-Fashion Week in Seattle, Elephantasia end-capped the week’s events with custom art by LA-based artist Matt Shapira (Instagram: @roaming__elephant), models wearing clothing by brand-new designer “NO VOICE Collective,” and of course beverages and hors d’oeuvres.

But why bring elephants and fashion together? Fashion for Conservation’s “Elephantasia” is a global movement to bring awareness and raise support for endangered animals, such as elephants. They do this by hosting live campaigns, like this one, all around the world. Elephants are threatened by poaching (largely for their tusks, for ivory) and climate change.

The “No Voice Collective” brand, which was officially debuted at Eco-Fashion Week, is a line inspired by and features elephants in their colors and designs. Forget “elephant” grey, though – one look was a technicolor dress of color featuring two elephants nuzzling their trunks, and intricate pom-pom ankle accessories.

screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-9-04-18-amOther looks felt more “athleisure-y” with large sweatshirts emblazoned with “No Voice Collective,” and loose sweatshirt-style looking skirts with the one of the main NVC elephant designs stitched on the front. The entire line felt very current and true to contemporary fashion trends, with tonal colors, a combination of loose and fitted pieces, and pieces which could all be equally dressed up or down. And of course, the No Voice Collective is made with eco-friendly practices such as plant-based dyes and recycled fabrics.

screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-11-21-52-amThe event’s main event were when the organizers, Ava and Devaughn, took the podium to talk about the state of elephants in the world, that the elephant population is decreasing at a rate of 96 elephants per day, and also to discuss the impact of elephant themes in fashion.

Other elephant facts, solicited from the crowd, included:
– Elephants are social creatures and live in herds. They have been known to mourn their dead, and rejoice at the return of a fellow elephant who has been away
– Elephants have highly developed brains and long-term memory
– They cry, play, and laugh
– Elephants can “listen” through their feet by picking up vibrations in the ground

What can you do to support elephants?
1) Do not buy ivory – be an aware consumer
2) Experience eco-tourism which benefits the local economy where elephants live, raises awareness of elephants, and allows the guides to demonstrate how to treat elephants with dignity and respect
3) Do not support organizations that exploit elephants for profit
4) Learn more about elephant support organizations
5) Become a member of Fashion for Conservation: Elephantasia

Are elephants anyone else’s new favorite animal? #BeHerd #Elephantasia”

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