diy spring berry lip stain

It’s spring! The best time to bring home the freshest organic fruit for yourself or your family to enjoy (since all the good stuff is in season now). But this time around, why don’t you try something other than just eating your fruit? This quick and easy DIY berry lip (and cheek tint!) stain is the perfect homemade recipe to help bring out the fun and creative side of your fridge’s produce. Throw aside all the cheap store-bought tints full of toxins – here’s how to naturally-rouge your lips and cheeks: photo lipstain-1_zps318dd571.jpg
What You’ll Need:
1. 3 Blackberries & 2 Raspberries    2. 1/2 Teaspoon Edible Oil    3. 5-gram Makeup Container    4. Spoon or Fork    5. Small Strainer    Optional Ingredients: Additional Fruit (Pomegranate, Strawberries, etc.,), Beeswax (to be used as a hardening agent)
 photo lipstain-2_zps2cd6ac98.jpgSTEP 1: Mash Together the berry medley in a small bowl with your spoon or fork until most of the juice is separated from the fibrous membrane.
 photo lipstain-3_zps1c0e26b7.jpgSTEP 2: Pour in the 1/2 Teaspoon Edible Oil (I chose a mix of canola and olive) and mix well  Optional Ingredients Step: Add other fruit for more color and melted beeswax for a thicker consistency
 photo lipstain-4_zpsb2765fd1.jpgSTEP 3: Pour the Ingredients into the strainer with the makeup container right below (this can get messy, so make sure cloth napkins are on hand!) and press down with the spoon or fork to speed up the straining process
 photo lipstain-5_zps95c44976.jpgSTEP 4: Admire your wearable, tasty creation
 photo lipstain-6_zps19c7b425.jpg

STEP 5: Apply your product on lips and cheeks with finger, q-tip or whatever you have around the house…and enjoy!


Since this is fresh produce, make sure you refrigerate your lip stain – it should last for a good couple weeks! We suggest using smaller containers so the berry stain doesn’t go to waste. Repeat steps and refill as often as you feel necessary!




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