10 Companies that Plant Trees When You Use Them

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1. TenTree – Shop men’s & women’s clothing and plant 10 trees while you’re at it. Tentree has a fashionable selection of comfy basics for the lover of the outdoors. Their collection is made out of natural, eco fibers, such as organic cotton and tencel, and a few pieces out of recycled polyester. They have planted over 14 million trees with all their sales so far!

amour v2. Amour Vert – This fashion-forward, sustainable company pledges that with every purchase of a comfy t-shirt, they will plant a tree in North America. You’re bound to have a tree planted at some point, with their enviable collection of options reaching past the basic white T.

pacific northwest, tshirts3. Forestry Clothing – Find apparel that gives back! Based in the Pacific Northwest, Forestry Clothing’s “buy one plant one” pledge has planted over 750 trees so far! Shop their store for zip-ups, hoodies, button-up, beanies, and more.

TreeTribe4. Tree Tribe – An outdoor lifestyle brand carrying natural wood sunglasses, stainless steel water bottles, hemp shirts and more. Tree Tribe has planted over 90,000 trees so far!

BoxedWater5. Boxed Water – Boxed Water is better for many environmental reasons – one of them being their ReTree program! They have planted over 530,000 so far and are committed to planting at least a million in the next five years. Help them reach their goal by choosing Boxed Water instead of plastic water bottles. This and other ways to help on their site.

ecosia6. Ecosia – This is the “google” for eco-researchers. EcoAsia is a search engine that plants trees while you work. Using the income from their generated ad revenue they have planted over 11 million trees around the world since their startup! Install it now by heading to their site!

treez7. Treez – Bracelets, necklaces and more out of recycled and eco-friendly materials. Each purchase plants a tree and helps in the preservation of biodiversity, the fight against global warming, human development,  access to water, food sovereignty, and soil irrigation. They have planted over 70,000 and counting!

BaronFig2 copy8. Baron Fig Books – With their one book, one tree Baron Figs has planted 101,000 trees and counting! This classy writing material company sells sleek notebooks, writing utensils, backpacks/bags, and other accessories.

weWood9. We Wood – WeWOOD watches create all natural wooden watches from reclaimed and recycled wood and materials to create an eco-friendly, fashionable line of watches. They collaborate with Trees For The Future, Treedom and American Forests to plant a tree for every wood watch purchased. Their Goal is to help restore Mother Nature, one watch at a time.

psc10. Pacific Shaving Company – Innovative and sustainable shaving products – MADE WITH SAFE AND NATURAL INGREDIENTS. NO ANIMAL TESTING • VEGAN • NO PARABENS • SULFATE-FREE

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